Mathieu Fenasse

Born: 12/06/1991 in Toulouse (31)
Size: 1.77 m. Weight: 75 kg

Make my passion a destiny

Golf career

At the beginning, a family passion

The passion I feel for golf really appears during the summer of 2001. I was then 10 years old and full of admiration for my father who I was following everywhere on the Golf Courses. That is how he, gradually shares with me his passion for this sport.

As magnetically linked to the Golf and its environment, I experience in May 2002, at the age of 11, my first lessons at Lasmartine club. If I wasn’t aware yet of my abilities, my grandfather detects it. Excited by my results, he quickly takes the steps to offer me more effective structure. The first steps of a passion, which will guide my life, appear in September 2003. During some tests in Toulouse La Ramee Training Center, I was selected by Franck Allaire in Benjamin’s team.

Believe in his destiny

In June 2006, after two qualifying rounds (Albi and Bigorre), I finished first in the Regional Merit. But it was definitely much more than a trophy that I won with this first performance. Indeed, Charles BELLAN Pro Golfer from St Gabriel, get in touch with my family and offers to accompany my progress in addition to the Training Center learning. Under his leadership, and inspired by his experience as a former professional player, I fully benefit from the favorable environment which I enjoy. His advices that still resonate today, allow me to achieve quickly a  golf handicap to 5.

Decision time

Then, the time came to make a choice, … I Remember this day … Around a table, looking me straight in my eyes, my father and my mother asking me:
“Mathieu, what are your golfing ambitions? My answer came without hesitation: “I want to be a professional player!

In September 2008, the first stage of my career project was finally initiated. I knew my choice is singular and that only self-denial and work would validate my project. I was just glad that now my life would be dedicate to my favorite pleasure, mingled with my passion : my life is golf!

My Studies: a priority!

After graduating high school in August 2010, the opportunity to join a prestigious American university presents itself. This is a fundamental decision I made by choosing to integrate Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in Florida.The academy is one of the largest US and world reference in terms of Golf Learning . It was a real chance for me to practice my sport at the highest level.

My goals were clear. I had to improve myself both on technical  and mental plans. By participating in several tournaments, including Florida, I had the opportunity to understand perfectly the American golfing professional environment. I was close to my ambition, and devoted myself fully to its realization: more than ever, my goal was to integrate the professional circuit in 2015.

The US experience early success

In August 2011, as a validation of these hopes, looking at my very good results on the FCWT tournaments in the USA, including a 4th place out of 800 players, and the “1st team All American” award, the coach of Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, recruited me. These promising performances did not make me lose sight  my academic goals. I spent all the time that the Golf let me, to the study of Business Management .

In August 2013, I was already initiating my third academic year at Liberty. My progress was spectacular and consistent according to the expectations expressed  a few years ago. This progression towards my consuming passion led me, finally allows me to realize my potential and my ability. My  goal was to become the number 1 team at the end of the 3rd year.

In previous seasons, the Liberty team finished 25th in the ranking of the 2011-2012 season and TOP 38 of the 2012-2013 season.

The French selection

Year 2013 opens the doors of the first recognitions. In view of my good results, the French Federation of Golf offers me to integrate the “pole France” training group, with the aim of preparing the World and European Amateur Championships in 2014. Important fact in a young athlete career, the FFGOLF formalizes my registration at the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports on the list of top-level athletes in Senior category. t confirms the impact of this new status with a selection to attend the “Thanksgiving” gentlemen course, in Orlando, Florida alongside players like Barton, Brown, Perez, Sordet and Stalter.

The first honors of being in the national selection represent an encouragement which  I have to appreciate but also undertake great responsibilities. I have now to confirm the hopes placed in me.

The doors of the professional circuit

Indeed, 2014 was a very important year. The Q (qualifying) school was in my line of sight and the physical and mental preparation that we put in place was more intensive than ever. My call by FFGOLF to attend the course “Pole France gentlemen” between 6 to 10 January 2014, along with Brown, Perez and Stalter, was a part of this new dynamic. It represents somehow a new level crossing .

From 1 to 4 May 2014 FFGOLF confirms my selection to participate to the US players reunion in Dallas along with Brown, Barton, Perez, and Sordet Stalter. The European Team Championships in Finland cooming soon. To my satisfaction, I was part of this selection representing France.

The France amateur team is a preliminary to a professional career. 2014 and the joys of the selection give way to a 2015 year marking my official start on the professional circuit. As an reward from years of effort and passion for my sport, my university degree came as a sacrament. When I was young, I dreamed my life. Today I see my dream of being a professional golfer … And this is only the beginning of a great adventure

My Goals

The road is still long but as my parents always told me, whose opinion counts most of all for me, talent is not enough. Only the work and perseverance pay and reward us. Inspired by this saying that I do mine, I intend to devote the coming years to achieve my goals.

2016: Integrate Challenge tour

2017: Secure my card on the Challenge Tour

2018: Consolidate my card on the Challenge Tour with a category on the European Tour

2019: Continuation of my technical and physical work

2020: Blank year 

2021 : Transition year with  perspectives of change
2022 :  Play the climb on the DP World Tour

Then, be ready for, Playing Ryder Cup …… and a Major !!!!
All is possible when you live intensely your passion and believe in yourself If the means of your  ambition are granted, everything becomes possible!

dream to write the most beautiful pages in the Golf history 

polo rose drive
liberty university diplome

Academic Career

  • 1997-2007 :  La Salle elementary school
  • 2007-2008 : Joseph Savergne high school
  • 2008-2010 : CNED correspondence courses
         Specialty STG Technical, Sciences and Management
  • 2009:  TOEFL Results: 61 and SAT: 520 math / 350 read / written 330
  • 2010 : Graduated BAC STG with honors
  • 2015: Graduated in Business Management at the University of Liberty Flame, State of Virginia, USA

Received  Cleveland Golf / Srixon All-America Team Scholars honors that rewards good golf and university results .


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