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To carry my golf project and give me every chance to succeed , it was essential to set up a team to mentor me in all areas .

Fitness trainer

Fitness trainer

Recruitment in progress

My future coach is involved with top athletes, and will now be in charge of my physical preparation.

The latter will develop a personalized program and will regularly be involved with me to optimize my performances throughout the season.

My program will be structured around 3 main axes:
- Consistency
- Resistance
- Explosiveness

André Magnouac

André Magnouac

Mental & Performance Coach

André Magnouac has been working for more than 20 years in the coaching field. Former teacher of bodybuilding, gym, karate for more than 18 years he has converted into the field of mental preparation and energy magnetizer thanks to the experience gained during these years of sports.

This allowed him to understand the physical as well as the mental needs of high level athletes and this directly in the field. He began with NLP, neurolinguistic programming, and was trained in various other practices, especially energetic magnetizer and in brief therapy techniques.

He continues to work diligently as a researcher, to further improve his skills and results.

Enric Lopez

Enric Lopez

Technical Coach

Enric is a member of the Spain PGA, professional manager and coach of the Academy Sergio Garcia at PGA Catalunya. Since November 2015 I am assisted by Enric who oversees and advises me on technical aspects in order to consolidate all the compartments of my game.

Patxi Londaitz

Patxi Londaitz


Patxi has been with me since the 2019 season. This first year allowed us to get to know each other better. We are entering the 2020 season with more experience and with the aim of seeking a green fee on the European tour.

Pascal Fenasse

Pascal Fenasse

Data and Logistics

A large part of the supply is assumed by my family circle. Beyond the serenity and balance provided by these contributions, experience and expertise of my father guarantee an optimized and suitable for my development environment.

Since 2009 , I lean on a single computer application to measure all my golfing performance and instantly analyze all areas of the court after each competition . All these statistics and dashboards helps me to analyze and measure my playing and then, put in place corrective actions and keep a better control my objectives throughout the season.


Since July 2014 Titleist trusts me. My last performances allowed me to integrate the closed circle of players supported in the supply of clubs and equipment, fitting and technical support .

My Bag

My Bag contains only Titleist club

    • DRIVE (TS2)
    • BOIS & RESCUE (TS3 et 816H2)
    • FER 4 & APW (714AP2)
    • FER 2 & 3 (718U)
    • WEDGE (WOKEY SM6 Tour chrome)
    • PUTTER (SCOTTY Cameron)
sac titleist


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